Thursday, February 27, 2020

IT Strategic Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

IT Strategic Planning - Essay Example As a human resource manager in the organization, it is important to develop the best IT strategic planning. It will align the organization’s daily activities with the human resource department. A good IT strategic plan will help the business fulfill its general business strategy.The business-driven priorities are important for a company to develop efficient IT strategic plans. For instance, if the most important priority is to increase sales targets, the priority could be used to create the following year’s technology. The human resource manager has to interview various business leaders in order to the technology’s plans.The organization has key business processes. The company builds and provides access to services. The company identifies high-quality goods and services. The identification begins at the lower stage of the company, up to the top level. The organization then supports teaching and learning of its employees. Such case is successful when the organizat ion provides funds and leaves for extension of studies. Additionally, the organization enables research. The top management has developed collections of research materials and provided experts who offer a high level of advice to the employees.The company has created an optimum business environment. It has ensured the customers enjoy the highest level of services. The management provides the employees with enhanced working spaces and environment that meet a variety of working styles and encourages working and research.

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