Sunday, March 15, 2020

Eastern Gary Kangaroo essays

Eastern Gary Kangaroo essays The Eastern grey kangaroo is in the Animalia kingdom. The phylum they belong to is the Chordata phylum. The class they belong to is the Mamalia class. The Diprotodontia is the order they belong to. The family they are a part of is the Macropodidae family. The Eastern gray Kangaroos scientific name is Macropus giganteus. They live in eastern Australia and the Tasmania Islands. The average rainfall is around 150-300mm. Eastern Grey Kangaroos live in wet areas. They live on the grass lands, forests and woodlands. They graze on strips of land called a home range.. Since they eat dry grass they drink much water. They mostly sleep in the shade under trees because of the heat. Eastern grey kangaroos are well adapted to their environment both behavioral and physiological. To keep from over heating they sleep during hot days and then go out to eat in late afternoon and early morning. They also can dig holes, so they can sleep in the cool soil. They have large dark eyes which gives them very accurate sight. Their ears can turn in any direction so they can pick up the faintest noise. The also have a good sense of smell. When they sense any danger at all they stomp the ground very hard to warn the other kangaroos of danger. They have specially designed tendons that stretch when they hop so they use up little energy hen they hop, so they can go for a long time to escape danger. They also have the ability to balance their weight on the tail to give a strong and deadly kick to other males and predators. Their tail also helps them balance when then hopping. The eating habits of an Eastern Kangaroo are mostly made of dry grass and shrubs. They graze on farmers property with the sheep and sometimes get shot for it. They do not eat very thick water grass at all. They do no eat it because it takes to much room up in their stomach. Eastern kangaroos have no natural day large predator. Their ears and eyes though suggest that the...

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