Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Analysis opera market in Princeton area including psychographic Assignment

Analysis opera market in Princeton area including psychographic profile including life-styles, attitudes, personalities - Assignment Example Such has been used to hold iconic events in the region. An example of an Opera House that has been successful over time is the Sydney Opera House that has been active for over 40 years (ABC News). Linking personality to promote the opera house is important. People who are mostly open, conscientiousness and extroverted are more willing to offer clientele. In the area, people like meeting up, the opera would provide the meeting point. The opera house will be a place to exchange ideas among the people. The people may perceive opera houses to be places for rich people. This may influence the high income earners to go to the opera house. The desire of the people in the region to go to the opera house will be driven by curiosity to seek entertainment from the new establishment in the area. Moreover, more people can be coerced to the opera by their peers since most of the population in the region consists of young adults to middle aged person. In this regard, the psychographic data is important in establishing the market for the opera house. According to Kane, an editor with the Irish Times, a good example is the Wexford Opera house where in 2014 reported to have sold almost 90% of the 21 500 tickets put for sale for the different

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