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The Fire Essay - 897 Words

A dark, smoggy night in the middle of winter, chills were running through the rooms of the house, like a ghost silently coming and silently going. Suddenly, in the distance, there was a faint booming sound like a drum being beaten. The noise soon started to get louder and louder and louder until all that could be heard was the deafening noise. People from houses along the street ran out in their dressing gowns onto the road and huddled together to witness a roaring fire devastating the house of a family living nearby. The owners of the house desperately attempted to remove valuable and sentimental items from the burning wreck, but all was in vain as the glaring fire obliterated their irreplaceable†¦show more content†¦Instead, the entire family lay curled up on the dew-topped grass, huddled together, shivering in the frosty, winter wind. They had managed to get very few possessions out of the burning wreck, the night before, but the remainder of their belongings had burned a way over the silent, yet lively night. Even though the land itself had been severely damaged, the natural daily events started without delay. Birds were twittering and singing with the voices of angels, filling the air with the sweet sound of nature. They flew around, rooftop to rooftop at amazing speeds. Their feathers ruffled slightly in the breeze and, quite often, they sprung around on their tiny, diminutive feet on the lawns of people, living in the area, searching around for any traces of food for their breakfast. The staleness of the winter air had slowly begun to fade away as the gentle wind carried it away with the smoke. The sun had now fully risen revealing all of its beauty. The hills and moors all shone with the intense sunlight and all the living things in the area woke up to the new day. The horses trotted out of their stables and galloped around the field, like an early morning ritual. The victims of the tragedy also eventually woke up, still with the looks of utter disbelief and dismay onShow MoreRelatedEssay On The Fire705 Words   |  3 Pagestwo buildings that caught fire along our block on the same side just four doors down in each direction. Both occurred at night displacing families that saw the buildings boarded up with fresh plywood that never quite did cover all the black tinge of the flames that tore through the windows. It stayed that way for some time accompanied by that exclusive and ever-present burnt odor that wafted through the neighborhood reminding everyone of the destructive force of fire. For a young boy, it was intimidatingRead MoreA Report On The Fire1451 Words   |  6 Pagesmature. The main purpose of this report is to give clarity on the fire, to determine the origin, determine causes of the fire, damages caused by the fire and to develop ideas on how can unwanted fires like these can be prevented from reoccurring in our plantations like the one occurred in compartment C22 on the17 of JULY 2015 at 17:00pm till 23:00pm. A number of plus minus 600 pinus Elliote trees were affected by this fire. HISTORY OF THE AREA It had been known for years that the beltRead MoreThe Problem Of Forest Fires1804 Words   |  8 Pagesabout is the forest fires. Sometimes people don t notice or now about the forest fires until it is talk in the news and it s mostly because it has done a great damage. As soon as people hear about forest fires they want them to be extinguished but the problem is that fires need to be controlled or managed. By having a fire started by officials fire departments or Park Rangers can help to lower the frequency of wildfires and can help the land be more prepared in case of fire spreads out to the communityRead MoreFire Behavior and Combustion990 Words   |  4 PagesUnit 1 Assignment: Critical Terms Study Guide FS101: Fire Behavior and Combustion Unit 1 Unit 1 Assignment: Critical Terms Study Guide Auto-ignition temperature The minimum temperature to which a material must be raised before combustion will occur. Also called â€Å"ignition temperature.† Backdraft A sudden, violent reignition of the contents of a closed container fire that has consumed the oxygen within the space when a new source of oxygen is introduced. The introduction ofRead MoreHow I Build A Teepee Fire964 Words   |  4 Pagescould have been prevented if a fire was built to warm the victim, or a signal for help. In the following paragraphs I will explain how to build a teepee fire to whomever is reading this. It will cover all the basic skills and techniques needed to build a successful tepee fire. I will also give some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Frist off to build a fire I need to gather my materials. These materials are as follows: a lighter, rocks, a place to build the fire, some wood of all differentRead MoreEssay about Thirty Mile Fire1465 Words   |  6 PagesThirty Mile Fire On July 10, 2001 four U.S Forest Service Firefighters died while battling the thirty mile fire. Six others injured including two hikers. The thirty mile fire was the second deadliest fire in Washington state history. The fire started by campers thirty miles north of Winthrop in Okanogan National Forest in the Chewuch river valley. The fire was only 25 acres in size when twenty one Forest Service firefighters were dispatched to the fire. The Northwest Regular Crew numberRead MoreThe Hero on Fire624 Words   |  3 Pagesbravery, and heroism help her to survive. For this, Katniss can be analyzed in a myth and archetypical by being the hero in the novel. She takes on the roles of the male archetype but also embodies female archetypal characteristics. Additionally, the fire she symbolizes throughout the novel signifies her character and what she represents to the people of Panam. Katniss is a hero because she risked and sacrificed her own life for her family, friends, and district. An archetype hero is defined as a figureRead MoreFire Prevention1078 Words   |  5 PagesCody Rosenbaum D. Gasch Intro Health and Safety OSHA February 5, 2013 Learning Journal #1 Some of the safety hazards that are listed in Chapter 7 Fire Prevention would be electrical fires, flammable liquids, poor housekeeping, ingestion, incorrect use of fire extinguishers, bleeding, choking, and forklifts. There are many dangers in the work we engage in every day but its rewarding if we follow the right safety rules. These are some of the safety hazards but there are many more that areRead MoreFire Extinguishers1865 Words   |  8 PagesReferences Fire extinguishers types.(n.d.). Retrieved from Nadar,k. (2010, December 2). Fire Extinguishers. Retrieved from Merriam-Webster. (2004), The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. In New York: A fire extinguisher is a portable container usually filled with chemicals for putting out fires. (Merriam-Webster, 2004) An active fire protection device used to extinguish or control fires. Fire extinguishersRead MorePerformance of the Bfp in Terms of Fire Prevention2157 Words   |  9 PagesCHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Fire is defined as a chemical change accompanied by the emission of heat and light and after flame, usually a change consisting in the combination of carbon compounds with oxygen of the air. Since fire was invented during the ancient times it brought many changes in mans way of life. Today with the modern technology, we are experiencing the comfort brought about with the innovations done since fire was discovered. Fire has many uses to man but if left unattended it has always

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